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You are Welcome to HARS7 the State of art Automated reservation System

Hospitality Automated Reservation System 7 (HARS7) provides ONLINE reservation capabilities. Hospitality services suppliers publish its services on HARS7 to travel agents enabling ONLINE reservations over the Internet.

HARS7 aims to streamline supplier-reseller communication, through the usage of state-of-art technologies, to reduce cost and time, and increase efficiency.

HARS7 focuses on promoting the Arabian hospitality, travel and tourism industry, to the Intra-Pan-Arabian markets and the whole world. Starting from Lebanon, the objective is to cover the Levant region, the Arabian Gulf, the North Africa region, and the world.

We partner with hospitality, travel, and tourism services suppliers and retailers. Our success is from the success of the industry service suppliers and retailers.

We are not a technical company, we are not a competition. We are a team of highly professional personnel, in the hospitality, travel, and tourism industry, backed-up by highly qualified technical personnel and systems, dedicated to enhance your services and its utilization


- HARS7 is an Automated, user-friendly, online reservation system using the state-of-art Information Technology facilities.

- Focused on bringing professional buyers and sellers together in the hospitality industry.

- Maximize users benefits

- HARS7 is a tool for hospitality services suppliers to publish its services to the world, while enabling ONLINE reservations

- Business & technical support through professional helpdesk team

- Training for system users

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